Invited In-Residence Competition in Bonita Springs, Florida
Team Member: Meng Jiang, Oi Wai Charity Cheung, Kai Chi Ng, Keting Zhou

Bonita Village Design Competition

Held in June 2019, this invited in-residence, paid team competition in the city of Bonita Springs asked current or recent graduates in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, or related disciplines to propose a concept for a large green-field site adjacent to the existing resort units.

Bonita Village is an existing 80 unit condo/short-term rental resort property on 20 acres in Bonita Springs, FL. The city primarily serves “snowbirds” or people from the northern states who live part-time in warmer weather during the winter. The close-by Naples-Fort Myers region attracts wealthier people, primarily from the Midwest and Northeast.

The property developer, Omer Dror, a Yale MBA and MIT Real Estate Development master student, was planning to further develop the surrounding property. Given the region’s high population density in the peak season (December-April) and lower density in summer, the developer is looking for ideas to accommodate temporary or semi-permanent buildings. The RFP includes a 600-unit condo addition, and expand the property’s retail and amenity offerings.

The team’s proposal started from a landscaping point of view, and used meandering artificial hills to generate an organic boundary between the resort and the major road. The proposed new buildings create waterpark courtyards which have different themes, catering to various use groups such as families with children and senior residents. Temporary structures are proposed for summer beer gardens in the frontal plaza, and urban farming is planned on the west side as a phasing strategy, before new condos are constructed.

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