Fall 2012, HKU
Instructor: Jae-Hyun LIM

Site: Chang-Liu Village, Guangdong Province, China

On-site Construction in Collaboration with Studio Classmates

Rural-Urban Fabric:
Installation in Chang-Liu Village Ancestor Hall

My architecture is not conceived in plans, but in spaces. I do not design floor plans, facades, sections. I design spaces. For me, there is no ground floor, first floor, etc… For me, there are only contiguous, continued spaces, rooms, anteroom, terraces, etc. Storeys merge and spaces relate to each other.

— Adolf Loos

This project involved the design and construction of a public plaza in front of the ancestral hall of a Chinese Canton village. Smaller elements can aggregate into greater complexity, unfolding new possibilities. The design enhances dialogue between people by smoothing the transition between neighboring pieces.

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