The University of Hong Kong, Spring 2015

Undergrad Thesis Studio, Instructor: Fai Au

Site: Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Occupying the Mid-Levels:
Affordable Youth Housing in Hong Kong

Soaring property prices in the past few years have given Hong Kong the rank No. 1 of “Most Unaffordable Housing”. Today buying home is mere fantasy for the young. The need for affordable youth housing has attracted governmental concern. Instead of finding new lands in remote areas or converting industrial buildings, there is possibility of injecting youth housing program into the residual urban spaces, where thousands of young people commute to work each single day.

Hong Kong is a city of addition. Buildings and infrastructure are designed as interconnected objects congested on the site. The void in between are arbitrarily formed and lack articulation. Although being a city of multiple datum, the three-dimensionality exists only in figural connection through solids.

This project aims to question conventional values about high-density residential. Taking inspiration from figure-ground urban analysis and Occupy Central Movement, the quality of vertically-transposed urban fabric is explored. The project is an attempt to reinvent a communal living style, where people have limited private area, and share communal space together. The design proposal acts as a machine for the de-composing and re-assembling of conventional residential units. It releases the perceptions of communal life for young people by bringing it into the foreground, by forming urban living rooms relating to the city context.

The project is featured as one of the American Institute of Architects (Hong Kong Chapter) Honors and Awards entries at the Rotunda in Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong. Exhibition: Sep 26 - Oct 5, 2015.

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