Competition in Vicenza, Italy

Prize: Honorary Mention
Team Member: Shenhan Zhu, Zhihang Fu, Meng Jiang

FITT Future Headquarters Competition

The main inspiration comes from the winding rivers of the Vicenza area and FITT’s brand tagline “flowing forward”. It’s essential for the FITT campus to capture this sense of fluidity with its site planning and landscape design.This idea of free-flow develops into a field of grid, which is used to lay down the basic spatial fabric. This fabric is roughly divided into 3 program groups -- the area for visitors, the collaborative working area, and the quiet working area. 

Rather than having an iconical object intruding into this peri-urban site, it is more desirable to have a continuous field of intertwined spaces. Because of the temperate climate and the relaxed local lifestyle, the building has adequate indoor and outdoor spaces on all levels. The working areas have direct access to the outdoor space as well. Landscape features, green terrace and green roof are also introduced to create a more sustainable campus. 

Several large gathering spaces -- what we call “bubbles” -- are positioned among these groups of programs. The “bubbles” are like the nodes in a piping system, or the Duomo in the city of Vicenza -- they are where encounters take place, and public events happen. The piazza of Vicenza, on the other hand, is the main gathering place in its dense urban fabric. The sunken piazza next to the south group of bubbles connects the old and new campus, and serves as the social hub for the whole campus.

On the 2nd floor, a continuous outdoor path connects the entrance lobby to the laboratories and the “bubbles”; the public spaces are not only physically but also visually open. Fitness and relax centers are adjacent to the working area as well. This connection to nature and entertainment can help employees stay energetic and more focused at work.

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