Summer 2013, HKU, Tsinghua University
Instructor: Yan GAO, Qiang CHANG
Site: Kaili, Guizhou, China. Beijing. Hong Kong.

Collaboration with Yujing CUI, Wilson KOO, Qi YANG

Color Redistribution: 
Guizhou Minority Housing Survey

The unprecedented extend and rate of urbanization in China left people not time to generate a successful development model. Instead of homogenization, is there a way for new technologies to respect cultural backgrounds? 

Guizhou is a province inhabited by multiple minority groups, and GDP in its rural areas is behind the average of rural China. Due to its hilly landscape, it is historically a place detached from outside. Consequently, some unique house styles and material usage are kept till today. However, because of the development of infrastructure and economy, there’s a new boom of hinder land development in rural areas. As a result many houses adapted to new living styles, occurring a mixture of color use.

Our study concerns mainly of the color analysis and proposal in Miao areas around Kaili. After color analysis in different scale, we will come to a conclusion of the architectural color style in Miao villages, and find out some further relations to their social and economic backgrounds. 
The proposed information system records material catalog of traditional architecture in Guizhou province. Parametric tools are used to disassemble color composition and generate a design manual.

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