Fall 2013, HKU Shanghai Study Center
Instructor: Xiaofeng ZHU
Site: Anshun Road, Shanghai, China
GFA: 2000sqm

Urban Erosion: 
Shanghai Market Expansion

At the junction of Anshun Road and Dingxing Road, Shanghai, a “mall” compound is formed by the connected local market and the mix-use building. Enclosed in its neighboring residential district, the compound as a whole caters to a lower-income consumer group. Within such chaos, a spontaneous metabolism exists, making the compound in constant flux. Solving the existing issues is perhaps the best way to preserve the local heterogeneity in confrontation with the homogeneous modern developments.

The design strategy starts from the two ends: the human scale and the urban scale. After investigating local people’s current needs and the market’s operation methods, the proposal extended the existing column grid of the building, and adapted a hexagonal plan grid to erode the distinct edge between the building block and the open market.

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