Harvard Graduate School of Design, Fall 2016

Core Studio, Instructor: Eric Höweler

Site: Doha, Qatar

Doha Site Research In Collaboration with Core 3 Höweler Studio

The Interstitial and the Transposed
Mixed-use High Density Hotel in Doha, Qatar

In a place like Doha where historical relevance is rare, the subjective experience usually gives way to the reproduction of capitalism and the making of forms. The lack of traditional regional culture often leads to the loss of sensuous bodily experience and usually turns architecture into a self-contained dialogue over schematic super-imposition. The all-encompassing will to reinvent the livelihood by the production of architecture usually results in creating a building as a heterotopia inserted into the city. It is very important to leave the building system open to the outside at some point.


This project performs as an elegant entity from its exterior while the inside is rigorous and spontaneous. The architecture itself is not a pure translation from the semiotics; it focus more on the experiential part of space, as well as the actual flow and interaction among different users. The gap between the hotel and the public programs will be the key feature of the hotel, not in the sense of a phenomenal Portman atrium, but as the interstitial space in a micro city, a place of encounter, and an internalized vertical street space shaded from the hot climate of Doha.

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