Rammer Earth House

The house is in the village of Dobrava near Škocjan, in the South-east region of Slovenia.

As a residency for two people, the house is situated on an empty lot in the woods. The massing of the house borrowed the typical characteristics of an early 20th-century farm in the region. The half-hipped roof is reminiscent of a traditional barn house. The architectural details, on the other hand, are contemporary interpretations of an idyllic life.

The walls are built of rammed earth – a material which has been used by human to build shelters since the beginning of history. For this house, rammed earth is applied in layers of different color, which creates a pattern both on the exterior and interior, making the whole structure look like a sedimentary rock.

The thick rammed earth walls act as natural thermal mass, producing a comfortable interior environment. Full-height glass windows orchestrate with the surroundings; they not only brings in sunlight, but also provides fantastic view to the forest.  

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