Spring 2014, HKU
Instructor: Christiane Lange
Site: Kennedy Town New Praya, Hong Kong
GFA: 2000sqm

Zipping the Hong Kong Waterfront:
Architecture Lab on Footbridge

Architectural institutions can conceptually offer a different model of education by setting up educational outposts in other contexts, refreshing or rebranding their identities, and re-defining its site.

This HKU Architecture Lab locates on the reclaimed waterfront roadway of Kennedy Town New Praya, Hong Kong. The site’s dichotomy – a polarity between the dense city fabric and water – offers unique opportunities to develop architectural propositions that mediate between two opposing conditions, as well as between architecture and urbanism.


The infrastructural elements within the proposal are translated into solid and fixed parts, bridging and zipping the desolated waterfront back to the residential area. While other parts of the building are rather porous and flexible, catering to the further adaptation of the lab.

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